Melody 20th Anniversary Vinyl Released

Joy Electric Melody 20th Anniversary

20th anniversary edition of Melody pressed to beautiful red vinyl, in a double disc gatefold sleeve. Return to simpler times, to lily pads and frogs, flowers and bees and sun colored rings. Pick it up over at the Plastiq Musiq shop here!

Dwarf Mountain Alphabet Available Now!

Joy Electric's latest full-length album Dwarf Mountain Alphabet is now available for $12.00, head on over to the store, or click the album cover to get your copy now. Digital Download available here at Bandcamp. Grab your copy now!

Help Joy Electric produce their first independant album!

After eighteen years and 20+ releases, Joy Electric is looking to record it's first full length independent project. Grateful for 18 years on Tooth and Nail Records, we're seeking your help to fund our newest work, "Dwarf Mountain Alphabet", a concept in the making for nearly three years. We will handle the bulk of the programming and production in our personal studio - eepsociety - then move to a larger, analog equipped facility for mixing and mastering. Artwork will include the kind of visionary, high art, conceptual sleeve designs that fans have come to expect and enjoy.

We're excited to offer some unique and personal options for your pledges and grateful for all your support through the years. We hope you'll jump on board to help us complete what we feel is Joy E's finest work.
Go here for all the info:

Interview with Ronnie Martin by Devon Kretzin (2011)

Devon Kretzin speaks candidly with Ronnie Martin regarding the future of Joy Electric and side projects — namely Said Fantasy — the break from announcements on the JE/HQ front, mostly due to a cross country move to Ashland, Ohio, and what is to come in the future.

"’s so interesting, because there’s been so many releases out at such a steady pace over the years that if a year and a half goes by without something new, some people think that something has gone terribly wrong! There’s been some major personal and professional changes that have taken place…all good…over the past couple of years, and those were all things that took precedence over recording..."

Read the rest of the interview here.